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Rob Bertholf's Six Layers of marketAIng

Six layers of marketAIng

Rob Bertholf’s layered framework brings a holistic approach to modern marketing, aligning to the "practitioners journey".

Historically, marketing strategies have been contained in silos, such as marketing verticals. Detached from the larger picture, focus was put on separating marketing efforts into individual channels like social media, PR, website design, or email marketing. This creates blind spots between silos for everyone involved from practitioners, to agencies, to business owners.

The six-layered approach deconstructs various marketing channels and rearranges the strategy into a logical and practical order. By working your way through each layer, you will more thoroughly understand digital marketing as well as the connections between each vital layer and what impacts each. In today’s modern marketing world, you need all six layers to form a truly comprehensive strategy.

Our recommendations engine places a score for each layer to understand where to focus resources in order to achieve a balanced marketing profile.

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