@Rob Bertholf, SEO Consultant

Hi. I’m @Rob. I am an SEO Consultant specializing in organic traffic results.

My background is in Software Development and I have been coding for over half of my life.  While a Staff Sergeant with the US Air Force I worked on web applications and went on to file a patent on Systems and Methods for a Standard Web Platform. During my career I have launched over 1000 websites and specialize in WordPress development.

All this to say, my understanding of the technical interworking of how websites and search engines think gives me a unique perspective to search optimization. I am also a Web Analyst and Social Media Strategist which gives a rounded insight that I leverage in my approach to SEO.

My approach to SEO is a holistic one. I believe that if it is good for humans it is good for search engines. This approach has served me well as I am #1 ranked in Google for the term “Search Engine Optimization Expert” for the last 5 years.

If you like my vibe and want results Contact me!


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