I was asked recently what 3 SEO tactics I would recommend for increasing rankings.  I have been asked this question many times over many years and while the answer differed each time was a short answer.  The answer I gave today however was much longer and had many factors.
While the answer is a long one, the factors can be summarized by three groups: relevance, trust & performance.

1. Relevance

The techniques to increase relevance start with creating great content based on search queries with high search demand ensuring that the searchquery intent is satisfied.  Next ensure that the site content is viewable from the visitors device.  Bonus points for optimizing multiple content types (images, video, etc.) based on the types shown in the SERPs and updating the content frequently

2. Trust

Improve Page Authority through internal linking and external link signals.  Make it easy for users to share your content via widgets to increase social signals.  Pay attention to the content infrastructure to improve site speed & optimize delivery while monitoring the site for malware/hijacking and add SSL.

3. Performance

Increase rankings through the newest category of tactics around user signals.  Start with ensuring an optimal content experience by cleaning up broken links and images.  Improve CTR by optimizing the title and meta description.  Diversify the page content formatting to include images and page headings to better engage the visitor preventing bounce/pogo sticking.  Leverage email and remarketing to bring return visitors back to the site.  Add clear CTAs to satisfy query intent.
I will try and expand on each of the factors more in the future or you can catch my Content series which covers these in depth.  To