Have you managed to make it to the 2nd page in Google? Have you grown it to the bottom of the first page but then hit a wall?  This post provides 7 steps on what to do next.

1. Check Feasibility

I use to Moz’s Keyword Difficulty tool (https://moz.com/tools/keyword-difficulty) to check the query in Google (or just going to the SERPs and look manually) to see who ranks on the first page.  What do the metrics look like for sites which out rank you? How realistic/hard will it be to overtake them?

2. Check Intent

I recommend starting by checking the page to see how well represented the target search query/queries are represented in the page.  If the intent of the page is to learn or build authority consider making the page title and heading a question; if the intent is to sell a product make it a specific product/service name.

3. Check Internal Linking

How well is the page linked internally?  Are there other other relevant pages with high Page Authority you can link to it from?

4. Stand Out

Does the page give people a reason to link to it?  Does the content provide value?  Find ways to stand out.  Revisit the content to find ways to make it more readable and valuable.

5. Learn from Performance

Knowing that CTR could impact ranking how does your page title stand up against listings around you?  Check your Google Search Console to determine your current CTR for the Query+URL.  Is there a way to improve the title or description to increase engagement?

6. Nullify Competition

This is the where it gets real!  Find sites that link to your competitors and see which sites you could also get a link to your site from.  To find this I use either Moz’s Link Intersect tool (https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/opportunities/link-intersect) or more powerful is LinkResearchTools suite of tools.  Work to claim links you have identified as as common to all competitors first and work you way down the list to nullify your competition.

7. Validate your Content

In addition to standard link building techniques do not forget social validation.  Ask friends/coworkers to validate your URL: plus it, tweet it, like it and and share it to reddit, LinkedIn and relevant forums which you are regularly an active contributor on.

Bonus: QDD

After you have done all you can for your content, I go back and check the SERP to see what other media types show up.  Is there a block of images, video, local, etc.  While you work to increase your rank consider what other media types you could use to penetrate the first page.
Hope this helps spark some creative methods on how to further climb the SERPs.

Social Love

Big thanks to some really great friends helping spread the word on this post!