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For the past 10 years I have ranked on the first page in Google for this ultra competitive SEO term.

More impressive are the results I have achieved for my clients.

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Want to know the secrets to my results?

The short answer, hard work and 20k+ hours of Marketing and Technology experience. But along the way I have developed my own frameworks and methodologies which allow me to see things in a way my competitors do not see. Learn about SEO

My Approach

Customer is King

Start by taking the time to understand your customers. Next help position your offering as the bridge between them and their aspirations or needs.

Authority is Required

Engineer your brand as the topical authority and inform, entertain and ultimately convince them that you are the trusted source to their questions.

Attention to Detail

If we take pride in what we create, we will be rewarded. Align our interests with the search engines to provide the best user experience and get rewarded.

Work Smarter

No substitute for simply putting in the work to get the job done. However, I have developed a few tools which allow me to automate much of the task of an analyst.

Hi, my name is Rob Bertholf

... and SEO is kinda my thing. I started optimizing content for the search engines since when Google used to trust whatever you put in the meta keywords, then followed the algorithms through the days where was able to rank a blank website #1 position for a term. Over the last decade have specialized in technical SEO, user experience and aligning content to bridge the gap between my client's customers and their customer's aspirations (or solution to their pain). I have optimized on some of the biggest websites on the interwebs as well as grew brand new websites to seven-figure income without any paid marketing. If you are looking for someone who understands the nuance of how to rank (and more importantly how to convert), even in ultra competitive industries, reach out. Even if your budget is not a fit, I would love to share more about the frameworks and tools I have built to consistently deliver results, and have written an article that shares how you too can become a search engine optimization expert. Learn more about Rob
Rob Bertholf, Organic Acquisition Marketing Expert

Meet my partner Ann

Ann has over 15 years experience in digital marketing; her expertise is in Search Engine Marketing running SEO and Google Ads campatings. She and Rob have worked together since 2010, helping hundreds of clients create marketing strategies and grow their business online including Oceanic Time Warner Cable, Auto Anything, Hilton Waikiki Hotel, and the City and County of Honolulu. She worked at Cox Media Group Hawaii for 10 years beginning as an Account Manager, working on creative campaigns for clients like Mercedes Benz and Central Pacific bank, and five years as General Sales Manager and later started their Digital Sales division as Digital Sales Manager.
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Most SEO's do not think about branding, but that is just another reason why my client's results stand out above their competitors. Understanding the company and it's role as the bridge between their customer and their customer's aspirations/solutions is key to not just ranking, but also converting. The importance of a good brand foundation truly cannot be overstated!

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Content Strategy

Content is obviously incredibly important, I personally am bothered by the "content is king" rhetoric as it is short sighted, as the customer and the conversion of the customer is more important than throwing a bunch of words on a page. But, in tandem with a clear brand strategy, content is key, I have even created my own framework for content ideation and keyword mapping that I am eager to share.

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Technical SEO

This is one of the most neglected and often misunderstood aspects of SEO. Attention to detail to the user experience such as load time, broken links and web accessibility factor directly into how search engines perceive and ultimately rank your site. Also critical is ensuring your content is formatted for machine readability to penetrate the ever diversifying search engine results page.

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Authority Building

While many SEO's don't talk about it, building domain authority through backlinks is still a foundational part of search engine visibility. My approach is to build your topical authority in a strategic way that the backlinks follow organically. Although, we also have some light grey-hat (there is no such thing as white-hat linkbuilding) methods to get you noticed without getting you noticed :)

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Influencer Outreach

A large part of my Authority Building services cross over into influencer outreach and essentially public relations work for my clients. The objective is to get your authority validated and help push your key messaging (along with your backlink) into the social and topical networks of trusted information sources in your community. Humans and robots both love social validation.

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Conversion Optimization

It has been clear for years now that your visibility in the search engines will be more and more influenced by the behavior of the users to your site compared to the usage of your competitors. We must understand the search engine is essentially a digital concierge who needs to recommend the best site to answer the question it was asked. We need to remember that our intentions are aligned.

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i practice what i teach

I have demonstrated my search engine optimization experience for the last decade by teaching it for both corporate and academic institutions. I even helped author the digital marketing certificate for the University of Hawaii's Outreach College where I taught SEO for many years. If you would like to become a search engine optimization expert, I recommend taking these free courses below. If you like my approach reach out and we can discuss additional training opportunities.

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