Looking for a Search Engine Optimization Expert? Google it… you will find me! Love the new Google Search Stories movie maker! Allows you to easily showcase your SEO expertise! Let me know which video you like more! Looking for a Search Engine Optimization Expert? Just Google it… You will find me! SEO Expert, Rob Bertholf […]

DrupalCon 2010 in San Francisco was a huge success!!  There were scores of experts providing sessions on everything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  I had the privilege of sharing the stage with Drupal SEO guru Jen Lampton (@JenLampton) who walked through the installation of various Drupal modules. Jen and I […]

Despite the continual fragmentation (or specialization) of internet marketing there are still very strong ties between the specializations–one truly could not be effective without the other.  Social Media Marketing is the most powerful form of “Off-Page” Search Engine Optimization but requires the understanding of “On-Page” SEO linking and emphasis tactics to maximize its effectiveness. Social […]

I will be co-presenting on SEO for Drupal with Jen Lampton at the DrupalCon SF 2010 Conference on April 19-21, 2010 in San Francisco, CA. Buy your ticket online at: https://sf2010.drupal.org/registration Drupal is one of the top SEO friendly platforms on the market but like any system it takes a few tweaks to get it […]

Looking to gain a foundational understanding of Search Engine Marketing? In my seminar “Search Engine Strategy 2010″ we will explore how Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Marketing and Social Media Optimization tie together. I will demonstrate various analytical and research tools which allow you to identify effective keywords and analyze visitor trends. You will also […]

If you do not want to identify each page individually and are using the same filenames on the new site as you had on the previous site, you can use redirect all ASP pages (*.ASP) to PHP pages (*.PHP) using: RedirectMatch (.*).asp$ http://www.yourdomain.com$1.php This is more complicated looking, but simply takes each *.asp link and […]

I will be speaking at the 2009 TechHui Conference at the University of Hawaii at Manoa today! I am on the Internet Marketing/Search Engine Optimization panel with Roxanne Darling (@RoxanneDarling) and Neal Kido (@NealKido). Come meet the movers and shakers in Hawaii’s technology sector from those leading the revolution in clean energy to the state’s […]