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WordPress .HTACCESS and 301 Redirects

I wrote a longer explanation on the importance of 301 Redirects for SEO reasons on the Brain Dump site: http://brain.bertholf.com/on-page-optimization/optimizing-for-search-engines/301-redirect/ But for those of you on WordPress who are looking for some examples of how to configure the HTACCESS file, … Continue reading

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301 Redirect

If you do not want to identify each page individually and are using the same filenames on the new site as you had on the previous site, you can use redirect all ASP pages (*.ASP) to PHP pages (*.PHP) using: … Continue reading

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Migrating from ZeppOS to WordPress

Since selling rights to the ZeppOS Total Site Management software I invented, I have been looking for a CMS to migrate my personal sites to. I had to do a double-take when I saw that WordPress is a viable CMS … Continue reading

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