could her distance have been a gift forcing him to be set adrift if only she had wrapped her arms around surely he would have settled down soothing a complicated man should have be her master plan but no embrace was felt how could his heart be melt her sleep deprived glances told the story […]

(Part II of Storefront of Normalcy) wait! the boy has awakened but gives a private show for the shy lad who begs for acceptance only one is known who he can go though sharp quills guard her dimples, the soothing touch they cannot hide for the quills only attack the storefront never aimed for the […]

i tend a storefront of normalcy, care to sample my wares? she won’t buy what others try instead offers leading stares i invite her into the back, way past the webs of time to meet a small boy sitting on a box who greets her with giggles and rhyme now in her hand a key […]

Drive… What makes each of us tick… what stimulates motivation?  What turns us on?  Can we break it down to a chemical compound, or is it merely a mixture of random situations and pinned up fantasies…  do you live your life through those you see?  Swap your life, be anyone in the world, who would […]

What if you are unable to live in your reality?  What if you live in what ‘could be’, as you slowly enable the impending explosion of your future?  What if you are so scared of failure that you cannot admit the truth?  My reality is nothing more than a projection of my hopeful futuristic reflection… […]

One single leaf stands out, one single stem so strong Symmetry is so perfect, yet each ridge is so unique Veins of life running through, adding vibrant color to its intricate design Its blemishes make it perfect For a few minutes its mine I hold it to the sky the perfect contrast, a bit of […]

My mind writes without motion, my pen moves without thought. What is this strange loneliness I feel? So distant, yet so powerful suppressed by the mystery of time. An ordinary day, emotions softened by pages As I unpack into loneliness, I long for the sound of a voice… Do I care who I love or […]

I reach out but grab nothing. Memories clash with fantasies and hang solemnly over my head. With every embrace the emptiness that I coral seeps into my heart. Waking moments block reality, instinct reaches out. Warm arms search for friendship… like emotions they turn cold and drop. Mind awakes as reality hits… a sorrowful slumber […]