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I am an entrepreneur living in Honolulu.



Hi.  I’m @Rob.
Professionally I am known as a Search Engine Optimization Expert, Software Developer, Web Analyst and Social Media Strategist.



The following are my SaaS Ventures and other random projects I am working on. Find some recent code snippets on GitHub.

SurroundsMe - Social Media Marketing
- SurroundsMe
Empire - Web Deveopment
- Empire
BizGym - Business Planning Software
- BizGym
Digital Mediums - Web Development
- Digital Mediums
Modeling Agency Software
- Modeling Agency Software
kLokal - Local Influencers
- kLokal


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Social Media Strategies at Pacific New Media

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Access the WordPress Menu outside of WordPress

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WordPress Authorship Link to Google+

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Take a Vet to School Day

This is the second year that I was invited by Oceanic Time Warner Cable to participate in the Take A Veteran to School day event sponsored by the History Channel.  It is always a rewarding experience... Read More


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